My three signature topics are customized to meet the precise needs of your audience and can be presented in a 90-minute, interactive workshop, a 45-minute keynote, or a 15-minute, TED-like talk.


  • What does sleep have to do with your work performance and career development?

  • Get personally motivated to prioritize your sleep

  • Three individualized, research-driven strategies for better quality sleep

  • The choices and habits that led the founder of Amazon to become the world’s richest man

  • How to implement Bezos’s #1 character trait, and why you need to

  • Three ways to accomplish your career goals



  • Understanding and identifying your values as a new, working parent

  • Tips and tricks to avoid burnout as a working parent

  • How to gracefully communicate your needs at work


  • I’ve worked internationally with clients that have sustained employment at Fortune 500 companies.

  • My speaking and training experience includes delivering over 30 career workshops at Ingeus UK, Connexions, and CareerSource to audiences of mid-level career professionals.

  • I share my thought leadership as a Forbes columnist where thousands have learned from my diverse, innovative insights.

To learn more about what makes me unique and how I can add value to your event, meeting, or conference, contact me here. I look forward to presenting one of my signature topics or creating a talk on a different aspect of career development or career burnout.