Get Your Raise Interview Guide

Get Your Raise Interview Guide


Increase your chance of interview success.

You have a lot to lose and a lot to gain with an interview. This manual incorporates years of full-time experience as a career coach and employment adviser and Rachel's client successes as an independent practitioner.

Inside your manual:

  • How to identify your unique special sauce and share it

  • The secret formula that will make your answer to tell me about yourself authentic and lovable

  • What to focus on instead of guessing what questions will be asked

  • Calm and confidence boosters

  • How to figure out the interviewer’s style and pair it with an interview tactic

  • Guidelines and examples on how to craft authentic and remarkable interview answers

  • A bank of interview questions for you to ask covering aspects of what makes one thrive in their career

  • How to gracefully follow up after an interview

Plus, more.

This guide is for you if you have an interview coming up, if you’re job searching, or if you just want to improve the way you communicate about your work. Enjoy!

"I got two job offers and another company chasing me now.” - Senior Sales Manager

“Rachel has helped me tremendously. I’m excited to start my new job next month in a competitive field I’ve been trying to break into. “ - Samantha

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