Get Your Raise Interview Guide

Get Your Raise Interview Guide


What you need to be confident in an interview. Get Your Raise!

Get Your Raise includes a combination of client successes, personal career tips, and insights from my academic training as a career practitioner.

Inside your manual:

•               How to identify your unique, special sauce and share it •               The secret formula that will make your answer to ‘tell me about yourself’ authentic and lovable •               How to figure out the interviewer’s style and pair it with an interview tactic •               Calm and confidence boosters •               What to focus on instead of guessing what questions will be asked •               Guidelines and examples on how to craft remarkable interview answers •               A bank of interview questions for you to ask covering every aspect of what makes one thrive in their career •               How to gracefully follow up after an interview •               Several examples and inspiration throughout your 40- page manual


This guide is for you if you have an interview coming up, if you’re job-searching, or if you just want to improve the way you communicate about your work. Enjoy!


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