CAREER clarity


Discover a career path that makes you feel fulfilled.


Six weeks of focus on your career and life.

Step One - Mindset Matters

Step Two - Career Clarity

Step Three - Transfer, Build, & Leverage


you will love the career Clarity coaching experience if:

  • You want more than a great paycheck. You want optimal health and happiness.

  • You feel like you could be doing more with your life.

  • You’re a little hard on yourself despite how much you’ve accomplished, but truth be told, you’re just not sure how to leverage all your experience.

  • You want to learn how to quit focusing on what you do and start focusing on showing hiring managers your capabilities.

  • You lack strategic direction.

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“Rachel was an excellent career coach! I was hired for my desired job within my dream career.Besides weekly sessions, she was available through email and text messages if I ever needed advice. She also supplied written guides for interviews and networking that I still have access to and use regularly. ”- Sarah


“I did Rachel’s 6-week career clarity program and heard about her work through a leading neuroscientist. Her coaching was focused, and I definitely found clarity and learned a lot about myself. I also saw improvements in my sleep, outlook and how I manage stress. I referred another executive leader to Rachel as her coaching was highly beneficial.” - Esther


With my proven process and programs, you receive high-touch support and thought-leading inspiration. Our time together is often life-changing and flourishes with regular one-on-one meetings and habit building focus and intensity.

“Rachel is dynamic and insightful! Her creativity and coaching skills enable her to generate effective ideas to develop in the workplace. Since working with her, I've got clarity on long-term goals, been invited to speak internationally and significantly increased my salary.“ - Senior Risk Consultant

In less than 7 days of receiving my résumé, I got 3 desirable interview requests. I was very impressed with how Rachel made my skills and experiences relevant to my career change. She is very wise and showed enthusiasm and great care. She also put a tremendous amount of energy into getting to know my career needs, which made me feel supported and heard. I would highly recommend Rachel especially if you're a mid-career professional looking to make a big or small career change.” - Fortune 100 Operational Manager

More about the Career Clarity signature steps.

Step One - Mindset Matters

It's not uncommon to be held back by a career change myth. We'll discuss the beliefs that may be limiting you in relation to your past, present, and potential future. After step one, you will also leave knowing the three pivotal things that make or break every human being's confidence. Once we've addressed your mindset, identified, and put things in place for you to thrive, we'll have a solid foundation.

Step Two - Career Clarity

In step, we'll dig deep to pinpoint and discover what specifically resonates with your soul through career exercises, research, and creatively testing careers out.

Step Three - Transfer, Build, & Leverage

Now that we have clarity, we'll continue translating your unique value. We'll transfer and leverage components from your education, experiences, and employment into your chosen career field.

“Rachel is a true professional who is fast and attentive to the needs of her clients. She provides great insight and clarity and is a person you can trust to set you on a path of success. I highly value her outstanding talents as a respected career coach. Thank you, Rachel, for your time, dedication and passion when expertise and precision are needed when stakes are high.” - Fortune 50 HR Manager

The deliverables you'll get:

☑️ Coaching (Five, 60-minute sessions): This is where I provide insights, advice, and guidance based on the program's steps along with inspiration to help you up-level your professional life.

☑️ A beautiful career clarity report and career clarity assessment (both bespoke): Your report includes career matches and ideas based on labor market trends, your intrinsic motivators, values, skills, work productivity style, and everything that makes you who you are.

☑️ All your career assets: A high-impact résumé, a compelling cover letter, and an optimized LinkedIn profile, so you get found by your target companies.

☑️ A 40-page + interview manual that's yours to keep throughout your career.

☑️ The most effective career search method: Support with a networking blueprint to help you discover career opportunities and bypass sending out a ton of job applications.

☑️ A burnout assessment, along with a bespoke plan: My clients who weren't stressed or in a state of burnout, say this tool was a big eye-opener and a great preventive measure.

☑️ Mindset affirmations: Visual motivation designed just for you. Common career change emotions include limiting beliefs and fear.

☑️ Weekly activities: After each call, you’ll get a weekly activities tracker with key session takeaways, tasks, and the recording of our session.

☑️ Support outside of sessions: Because I only work with a handful of clients each month, you get all of my support and undivided attention. My clients say that this small fraction of our work is easily worth the investment alone.

Super exciting and transformational, right? Talk soon, my friend.