I'm Rachel Montañez.

A fashion promotion graduate turned career coach. My journey in the professional training and coaching industry began in Japan when I taught English as a second language. I never paid much attention to the link between sleep and career development until I experienced sleep deprivation as a new parent. The concept of burnout became real to me, and the work I’ve done with clients since 2010 took on a new meaning. My goal is to help remedy burnout and boredom.

What I’m known for:


Being a Mommy

to this little sweetheart and a wife to an amazing husband of 7+ years.

Asking if a menu item is vegan and eating lots of vegan cheesecake.


Talking about sleep

and its relationship with career development.

what makes working with me so special?

Hardly any (that my assistant and I have come across)

There are hardly any career coaches based in the U.S. with a graduate degree in career guidance.

It’s not a fad

Career coaching is not a fad for me, it’s been part of my life for a long time. I worked as a career coach in the U.S. and U.K. before going solo.

More than 40+ career fields

My specialties include helping mid-career and senior professionals. I’ve worked with clients in Japan, the U.S. and the U.K. – all places I’ve lived. While I have experience helping people across most industries, my specialties are the occupations that fall under business, H.R. and the marketing and communication sectors. I also focus on working with accountants and clinical allied health professionals.

Capabilities + global experience + insights

I’ve interviewed and got exclusive insights from the world’s top minds and leaders such as Adam Grant, Dr. Harvey Karp (founder of the Happiest Baby On The Block), and Deloitte U.S.’s human capital leader.

Focused on your success

Career coaching has been the vocation in my life since 2010, but I don’t work full-time. My pursuit of work-life harmony means having my toddler in my care 75% of the work week. I, therefore, only work with a handful of clients every month.I pour everything into my coaching, and my clients say that it’s evident in their experiences and outcomes.