I'm Rachel Montañez.

A fashion promotion graduate turned career coach. My journey in the professional training and coaching industry began in Japan when I taught English as a second language. I never paid much attention to the link between sleep and career development until I experienced sleep deprivation as a new parent. The concept of burnout became real to me, and the work I’ve done with clients since 2010 took on a new meaning. My goal is to help remedy career burnout or boredom, and I founded Sleep 10:2 to do just that.

What I’m known for:


Being a Mommy

to this little sweetheart.

An accent from across the pond.

Always having a clean and organized bag.


Talking about sleep

and its relationship with career development.

Life-changing work.

Asking if a menu item is vegan and eating lots of vegan cheesecake.


Sleep 10:2 fills the need for comprehensive, career coaching that also helps individuals restore work-life harmony and better utilize the power of sleep.


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